Content Compression

Do you want to store the content in compress mode? Are you tired of adding new storage drive frequently? Is your content growing fast? Here is the solution. You need to enable Content Compression.

Content compression requires a Content Storage Services (CSS) license. 

The Content Storage Services (CSS) add-on allows you to create and use content storage and migration policies. These policies automate the assignment of content to storage areas, eliminating manual, error-prone processes and ensuring compliance with company policy with regard to content storage. Storage polices also automate the movement of content from one storage area to another, thereby enabling policy-based information lifecycle management.

The CSS license also enables the content compression and content duplication checking and prevention features. Content compression is an optional configuration choice for file store and content-addressed storage areas. Content duplication checking and compression is an optional configuration choice for file store storage areas.

Select to compress all content in the file store.

This option is only available in 5.3 SP1 and later repositories with Content Storage Services enabled.

Content compression is a feature that automatically compresses a file to a smaller size when the file is created. You cannot enable content compression after the file store is created.

The OpenText Documentum Server Administration and Configuration Guide contains more information on Content Storage Services.

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