How do I add another thumbnail store to add space


How do I add another thumbnail store to add space



Errors showing out of space to store thumbnails on server


thumbnail store 01 ran out of space and to copy the directory was prohibitive due to time constraints


1.  In DA, we create a dm_location object with name = thumbnail_store_02 on the folder =  /repository2/data/erdoc/thumbnail_store_02.

2.  Then we created a new file storage object with the following properties.

    – name : thumbnail_store_02

                – location : thumbnail_store_02

                – Media Type : Thumbnail Content

3.  Then we modified the following 3 format objects, so that the default storage can be  in DA, so that their default storage is changed from thumbnail_store_01 to thumbnail_store_02

                 – jpeg_th

                 – jpeg_lres

                 – jpeg_story

– jpeg_preview

4.  To make the change take effect, the whole Documentum system (Docbroker, Docbase, Java Method Server, Thumbnail Server) was restarted. 

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